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Private Fees & Finance

Fees correct as of 01.04.22


New Patient Consultation £65
Emergency Appointment from £55
Examination £50
Small (Bitewing or Periapical) £11
Panoral £50
Digital Scan £95
Scale & Polish Session with Hygienist £65
Root Planning (per quadrant) £125
Tooth Extraction from £135
Surgical Extraction £180
Wisdom Tooth Extraction £220
Root Canal treatment from £550
Silver Amalgam Filling from £100
White Aesthetic Filling from £130
Porcelain Crown Bonded to metal from £500
Porcelain Crown from £650
Porcelain Veneer (per unit) from £600
Lumineer (per unit) from £620
Bridge (per unit) from £500
Composite bonding £110
Tooth Whitening (Home kit) from £350
Air Polishing (with Hygienist) £60
Acrylic Denture (upper or lower) from £500
Addition to Acrylic Denture £60
FlexiDenture (upper or lower) from £800
Chrome Cobalt Denture (upper or lower) from £800
Orthodontic Consultation from £50
Functional Appliance from £1500
Delta Force Orthodontic System from £2000
Six Month Smiles (upper & lower) from £3500
Invisalign (Clear Braces) - one arch from £2800
Invisalign (Clear Braces) – upper & lower from £3000
Vivera Retainers (3 x sets) from £400
Essix Retainer (upper and lower) £200
Essix Retainer (one arch) £100
Implant £2100
Anti wrinkle injections (1 area) £150
Anti wrinkle injections (2 areas) £180
Anti wrinkle injections (3 areas) £220
Excessive Sweating (Armpit) £400
DERMAL FILLERS (results last 6 -12 months)
Lips (price per ml) from £250
Cheek enhancement from £250
Facial Lines from £250
Hand Rejuvenation from £400
Nightguard £150
Sports Gum Shield from £150
Broken appointment & Late cancellation fee (less than 24 hrs notice) from £50
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Want to use Dental insurance?

We're used to dealing with all the major insurance companies and are able to provide you with all the necessary paperwork in order to claim back the costs of treatment you're entitled to.

Payment Plans available for advanced procedures.

Wickford Dental Practice will provide you with a written individual treatment plan cost prior to treatment. Should any treatment plans require modification as treatment progresses, you will be informed by the dentist and the plan amended in writing accordingly. It is vital to us that you fully understand all aspects of your treatment and costs, please ask our staff if you require a further explanation or clarification of any issue.

Private Fees & Finance

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