Transparent Information & Open Data Policy

At Wickford Dental Health Centre, we believe that transparency is key to supporting our patients so they are able to participate in their own dental care, empowering them to take more control, when and where they want to.

Using open data in dental care offers a number of potential benefits to our patients:

  • Accountability: The use of data to hold dental practices and dentists accountable for treatment outcomes.
  • Choice: Providing open data to help patients make informed choices from options available to them.
  • Efficiency: Improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of delivering dental care.
  • Outcomes: Improving treatment outcomes by using open data to make the results of different treatments, dental care organisations, and dental providers’ work more transparent.
  • Customer service: Using open data to educate patients and their families and make dental practices more responsive.
  • Economic growth and innovation: Providing open data that can help fuel new healthcare companies and initiatives.

Open data is publicly released information, often from the government or other public bodies, which is made freely available to everyone to use or reuse in any way they like (whilst protecting privacy). We use this information to improve the quality of our care and facilitate patient choice.

We distribute some of the information to members of the practice team via an internal memo, we occasionally display the information in our practice in paper form and also on our social media pages. We encourage our patients to share the data with their friends and family.